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Wage Rate Rules

  • For NOC codes that have fewer than 10 represented employees, all data is suppressed.
  • The rules for all rows (i.e., Male, Female, Full-time, Part-time, Region, etc.) are as follows:
  • If a row has between zero and four employees represented, only the total number of employees will be displayed.
  • If a row has between five and nine employees represented, only the total, the median, and mean hourly wages will be displayed.
  • If a row has between 10 and 19 employees represented, only the total, the high, the low, the median, and the mean wages will be displayed.
  • If a row has 20 employees or more represented, all fields will be displayed (quartiles, high, low, median, mean, and total).
  • In cases with one or two unique respondents where one of the unique respondents is classified as a large employer, data for that NOC will be reported on in order to reflect the large proportion of employees within certain occupations in the province employed by single respondents. In order to maintain confidentiality, responses which represent non-unionized employees in this category are suppressed. Only unionized information is reported on due to the public nature of collective bargaining agreements. A minimum of fifty employees must be reported on to display such wage data.
  • A list of all NOC unit groups for which journeyperson certification was available was provided by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC). If a journeyperson certificate is available for a certain NOC unit group, the wages for those who hold journeyperson certification within that occupation is displayed. If a journeyperson certificate is not available for a certain NOC unit group, a journeyperson field is not displayed. Please note that if an individual with a journeyperson certificate is working in an occupation for which their journeyperson certificate does not apply, they are considered to be a non-journeyperson in their present occupation.
  • Employers who are located outside of the cities but within the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) of Saskatoon or Regina are included in the results for Saskatoon CMA or Regina CMA where applicable.

Job Vacancy Rules

The job vacancy rate is suppressed if fewer than three employers provided data on their vacancies or if ten or fewer employees are represented within the occupation.


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List created May 2014